The Word On God - Sermon Series
Theology - The Word on God
Theology - The Word on God
Mark - Sermon Series
It's all about Jesus
“Learning more about Jesus” is the key theme for the summer series in Mark.
Mark’s gospel is primarily focused on presenting Jesus as the Messiah.
Galatians - Sermon Series
It's all about Jesus
Galatians Series.
It's all about Jesus - Sermon Series
It's all about Jesus
It’s all about Jesus. The Central person in history and eternal focus of Eternity is Jesus Christ, God the Son. In this mini-series we first explore who he is in week 1 and then as this discovery continues we look at 4 responses to the wonder of who Jesus is.
Book of Acts - Sermon Series
Click here for a video introduction to the Series in Acts.
Book of 1 Samuel - Sermon Series
While it’s human nature to look at the outward appearance – God however looks at the heart. This is a journey through the lives of three men, Samuel, Saul and David, as we take a look at the heart.
Book of John - Sermon Series
What does it mean to know God? The Apostle John gives us an wonderful insight into the heart of the Father, who loves His Son and has given Him to us so that we may come to know this God of Love for ourselves.
Archives & Non Series
Here you will find all series not part of a particular sermon series, as well as a sermon archive.
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